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Network Design / Construction | Data Centers | Dedicated connectivity | High-speed, high-quality internet connection

Mission :: To Connect

We provide high qualified connectivity
that enables every person to feel "connected".

From designing to operating,
we provide
one-stop Internet services.

At GLBB Japan, we believe that whether you are an individual, small or large business, everyone needs to be given the opportunity to access information using an optimal communication platform.

For businesses, this translates into higher productivity.

For personal use, this translates into less frustration during peak hours – no more buffering watching your favorite entertainment on 4k resolution.

  1. High speed and stability
    Low latency and stable communication

  2. Ensure safety
    24 hours a day, 365 days a year monitoring and troubleshooting management systems

  3. Flexibility
    Networks and topologies to meet a variety of requirements


We have a lineup that can provide everything from infrastructure to cloud computing, and can propose total solutions to meet customer needs.